Sunday, January 10, 2010

Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Links

w Features for DDDL 6.33

- Support EGR DPS sensor autocalibration for DDEC IV version R42 and DDEC V version R3
- Fix issue with clearing ECU fault codes
- Print Smart Cruise option in calibration printout
- Include updated help files

New Features for DDDL 6.3

- Include Nexiq Drivers 2.0 in DDDL
- Proportional Valve Routine to activate outputs
- Print Calibrations to PDF file for troubleshooting purposes
- Progressive Shift Calculator
- Adjustable OI Idle Speed for DDECIV
- Save full DDECV diagnostic codes to a text file
- Changeable Low Gear torque limiting for DDECIV and DDECV
- A read only "Smart Cruise" field added to Cruise Tab
- Change OI Target minimum to 800 rpm
- Saving I/O config settings in DDEC III / IV the same as DDEC V
- Use unsigned seeds for backdoor password (VCU)
- Have option in DDDL installation to install Dearborn Group Drivers
- Remove Min/Max from fault code display, add associated extreme parm value + stop
- Permissions set for DDEC V folder for extraction purposes

Windows 9x or ME Windows NT 4.0
Min 486/66 Mhz processor Pentium 200 Mhz or better
32 MB of RAM 32 MB of RAM
4x CD-ROM drive Same as Win 9x
Display: VGA color monitor Same as Win 9x
800 x 600(small fonts) Same as Win 9x
20 MB of free hard disk space Same as Win 9x
Mouse or other pointing device Same as Win 9x
Functional serial port Same as Win 9x

Windows 2000 / XP
Pentium II 233 Mhz or better
64 MB of RAM
CD ROM: Same as Win 9x
Display: Same as Win 9x
Hard Drive Space: Same as Win 9x
Mouse: Same as Win 9x
Functional serial port

servie packs for version 7.03

Install on xp only DDRS Version 6.10

(crack for DDDL version 6.4)

DDDL Version 6.4----7.03

DDDL Version 6.4

DDDL Version 6.4----7.03

Keygen for DDDL 7.03


To install on Windows XP and Vista For DDDL 6.4 Crack :

To install on vista or xp follow these instructions. it is a lot
but you MUST follow these direction exact or it WILL NOT work.

Run the install for DDDL 6.4. program

After install DO NOT run the progran. reboot your computer

After reboot (do not run the program at this time)- Go to
c:\program files\detroit diesel\diagnostics\ and copy
"dddl.exe" and paste it to your desktop (make sure the whole
file copies not just a shortcut)

copy the crack dddl.exe file from the download to
c:\program files\detroit diesel\diagnostics\

right click c:\program files\detroit diesel\diagnostics\dddl.exe
and run as administrator

enter any 10 numbers. the program will now open. let it open

close the progran and reboot computer

go to c:\program files\detroit diesel\diagnostics\ and
Delete dddl.exe and put the original file from the desktop in
this directory. (do not copy over the cracked dddl.exe it must
be deleted first)

reboot computer again

Now before you run the program you will need to go back
to c:\program files\detroit diesel\diagnostics\ right click
dddl.exe and go to properties. click on compatibilty tab and
make sure run as administrator is checked. click on ok.

Now you are done installing the program and it should run
with no problems. Then install the 6.44ta upgrade.

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